AFAS: Downloading XBRL files with Yarado

Hi all,

I thought I’d drop a quick note here on something we encountered while downloading XBRL files from AFAS with Yarado. Hopefully, it’s useful to others building tasks on AFAS :slight_smile:

Rate limit?

While downloading many XBRL files (>2000) using Yarado, it happened every once in a while that files would get “lost” somewhere between either AFAS, Citrix, or the local machine. Meaning, we’d hit the download button, but the file wouldn’t arrive at the VM running Yarado.

We discovered that closing and reopening AFAS after 100 downloads appeared to solve the problem. A possible explanation for this glitch could be that the robot exceeded a rate limit somewhere in the chain, either in AFAS or Citrix.


To achieve this, we used a variable to keep count and an Advanced IF to trigger after the count reached 100. See also the example on the Advanced IF page in the documentation for more info on this technique.

Happy holidays!


@swesterink might be helpful for you too.