AFAS: Solution for MFA within a robot "unattended" task

Issue: Afas uses multifactor authentication and don’t accept “dutch” digital numbers in the format (+97…) but only (+316…) numbers.

  1. The solution for the topic how to get the sms code, using Yarado and twilio see the post of Menno Yarado and SMS Multifactor Authentication.

  2. To solve the issue for the digital phonenumber that is not accepted in AFAS, we used a actual phonenumber with the (+316…) and installed the app on a andriod phone: SMS Forwarder: Messaging and more from TechInnate Solutions, to forward the afas SMS to you Twillio “digital” phonenumber (+97…). Now your are able to use the api call to get the code for you yarado task.

Still looking for a beter solution for the second issue, but it works fine for now.