Check if a task has ended

Hi All,
I am new here. Experimenting with the robot for a couple of days now, but excited to see what can be done. Earlier today I had Menno on the phone about my issue. Thought I got it, but apparently not.

I have a task in AFAS that is running for for a variable time. So I need something to check if the task is done in order to let the robot decide if he can move on. Menno suggested that I could use an IF-NOT to check the screen. But apparently I didn’t pay enough attention…because can’t get it to work.

No idea, if I can ask these questions here. Let me know if that is not the idea.


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Hi Sybren - that is the idea - yes you can ask questions here. I think @barry.van.der.aa is a good option to help you out here. other option is @BasKroon. Can you advise Sybren?

Hi Sybren,

The smartest thing to do in this case is in my opinion to find a point on the screen that will let you know that a step is done.
Let’s say when using a import task, most software will tell you, “import has been completed”. You can let Yarado know, that Yarado can move on when Yarado recognize this text or part of a screen.
In some cases it will take more time to import a file, then it is good thing to use is the “Try in seconds” option. By default the “Try in seconds” is 5 seconds, but you are able to insert any amount of seconds you prefer.

There is also another option, when for example, Yarado can’t find the text “Import has been completed”, you can use a “If-not” function on that step to start a new route, when the import did not complete.

I hope this will help


Tnx Bas. It works perfectly now!