Check if Power Query is done

Hey all,

If you are running Power Query with Yarado, there is a chance that you are not sure when the Power Query is done. Because it will operate on the background, its hard to time when Yarado should move on to the next step.

But if you use, “File Exists” combined with a “Protected Loop”, your problem is solved.
Step 1:
Start by creating a “Hidden Command” and make sure the output file of the Power Query from last run isn’t anywhere in the folder. So delete it.


Step 2:
Use the function: “Run Excel Power Query” and use the Excelfile incl. Power Query and a output file location.


Step 3:
Use the function: “File Exists” and for fill path use the output of the previous function.

File exists will return a True or False value to a variable of your choice.

Step 4:
Now you can use the Advanced If to check to outcome of File Exists is True or False, if it is True, Yarado could move on to the next step, if its False, Yarado will create a Step to the Right.

Step 5:
For this example we will use a mouse action for the step to the right, and put the ”Go To” back to the “File Exists check” again.

It should look like this.

Step 6:
Protect the loop by right clicking on the mouse action again. Conditions → Protect Loop
Exit when passed: 5 Times and press OK

This way you protect the loop from running infinite and it will stop after 5 tries.

And your Power Query check is done!