Connect your software Exactonline and Bank

In our case we are dealing with our accounting application ExactOnline where there is not a full two way connection with our banking application. For payments we have tot import the payment by using a bulk export for payments of invoices. The downside of this is that after the payments are made, we only have one entry in our banking overview, so it is hard to find which payments are made to whom using keywords. Next to that matching the transactions again within the accounting application is also a struggle.

We have managed to keep the entire process intact! We now use the export with “invoices to be paid”, as input for our robot task. The robot is now using this file within a loop and books the bankbookings as if it were an employee booking in our bank application.

This means that we see every payment as a single line in the bank. And because ExactOnline reads this completely back again for reconciliation , this makes a one on one match.

By still confirming the actual sending of the payment manually, there is always one person who performs a check and gives the final go. This makes the process just as secure as you would with a bulk import.

By using a messagebox (#function) in your task, there is plenty of time to properly build in user intervention halfway through a task. You have for example 300 seconds before the message box will disappear and continues the tasks or when you press OK, an example of such a messagebox in the image bellow:

In addition, it is possible to carry out extra checks by counting lines and matching total amounts to see if something may have gone wrong. Optimizing processes saves a lot of time, error and lot of added value.