Create a csv. file in Yarado

Just like most other features within Yarado, it’s also quite straightforward to create a csv. file. Oftentimes it’s desirable to structure (a large amount of) process output.

Imagine you have to check thousands of VAT numbers on the VIES website. In that case it’s useful to save VAT numbers with client details to a csv. file as proof.

Create a csv. file in three steps:
Step 1: add a new variable (e.g., %enter%) containing the {enter} key.
Step 2: add function “Create CSV headers” and fill out what headers you want the csv. file to consist of. Simply direct the output to another random variable, such as %error%, to save it for the time being.
Step 3: add function “Append to File” and fill out what variables you want to save with a semicolon between each variable to display them in different columns, if necessary. Don’t forget to add %enter% at the end of the line. This will enable every new loop to start on the following row.

Also keep in mind that headers and variables should follow the exact same order - if not, headers will not match with the variable (which is not so handy :wink: ).

Bonus step: To make your life slightly easier, you can add a “Open Workbook” function to get the csv. file open and ready for review right after Yara finished.

See below for some supporting screenshots: