Feature Updates - May/2021


There are some great release updates to share. This time, it’s not only about the visuals, but also performance improvements you won’t see. So, be ready to build tasks even faster.

Two features, that will make your life much easier:

  • Undo/Redo functionality
    Made a mistake? No problem! Implement tasks even faster with undo (CTRL+Z) and redo (CTRL+Y) keyboard shortcuts or the buttons in Yarado’s taskbar.

  • Intuitive functions look up
    It makes sense you don’t know the exact name of each function. Therefore, you’re now able to search for functions by typing synonyms or similar key words. Just type “Excel” and you’ll find the function you’re looking for.

Skim through the other updates in more detail:

  • In case you forget to give a name to new variables, Yara will do it automatically for you
  • Easily save, open and create (new) tasks with dedicated buttons in the task bar.
  • Save, open en update tasks even faster
  • We’ve made column headers of variables and loopfiles more visually appealing
  • For larger tasks, Yara’s logging of activities are split up into different logfiles of 1000 records to create a clearer logging overview.
  • In the add execution programme, we’ve already listed applications customised to your machine to trigger Yara: ranging from Microsoft Edge to your phone.
  • It’s now possible to test multiple steps simultaneously by simply clicking on the appropriate steps

Possible next steps:

A sneak peak of the updated interface and look up function: