Happy New Y(e)arado - New year, new tasks

2021 has already started, so it’s a good time to make new resolutions. Although 20 days have passed already, it’s still not too late ;). Better late than never.

In 2020 I got the opportunity to learn the basics of Yarado in no time, proven by my RPAcademy Creator badge. For 2021, I would like to put this knowledge into action by creating new, time-saving RPA tasks and to learn more about what Yarado has to offer me.

What new things do you want to try in 2021 in terms of RPA? I already listed a few things, so let me know in the poll below!

In the comments: don’t hesitate to mention what repetitive task(s) you should absolutely “let Yara do” this year.

  • Attend a Yarado Advanced training ASAP - schedule now: https://yarado.com/meet.
  • Have a look at Yarado Documentations - https://docs.yarado.com/.
  • Learn more from others in the Yarado Community.
  • Help others in the community to make fully fledged RPA tasks.
  • Win the monthly Yarado giveaway by sharing my Creator badge on LinkedIn.

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