How to start with RPA - tips and tricks (commercial)

Learnings and Observations on how to start with RPA.

Whether you are a partner making the first steps into RPA or work for a company with a need for RPA, how to get started with a solution that is so versatile is often a challenge. If you can do everything with it - you can also do nothing and continue as you go. Hereby we share some observations that our sales team has gathered.

RPA is quite often new to customers and partners. When you are the first to start with RPA within a company you need to do a lot of explaining. When you are a CEO you need to explain how this will change your employees work. When you are an employee you need to explain to your CEO that this is what they should invest in.

The challenge is how to overcome this.

  1. This is not your standard new IT project with weeks of designing and thousands of €uro’s investment. (We have multiple examples of a turnaround in hours or days and bills < 1k)

  2. This is not an IT project. Yara is an (software) employee that can work with the applications you work with. This is a digital employee

  3. Cases for use of RPA can be found in different departments. Even the smallest companies (5fte) have at least 3 Use cases that justify the investment.

  4. Quite often the conversation around RPA takes more time than the actual implementation (we can show you some stats from CRM :slight_smile:

  5. Think of this as onboarding a new employee - what’s the first routine task you let them start with?
    … and the 2nd task …3rd?

    1. before you know your employees will pro-actively ask: Can Yara do this for me?
  6. Again - you hire a new digital employee that you will task over time - and this employee does jobs after hours.

I’ll regularly update some of the tips and tricks, let me know in the comments what works for you!