Letting Yara validate EORI-numbers

A simple, yet effective task is checking EORI-numbers. Every EU business that comes into contact with custom authorities is required to have an EORI-number as their unique identification number. So, for companies related to customs and shipping, it’s important to validate those numbers with the businesses they trade with. However, one important thing: it can be boring and time-consuming…

Let Yara do EORI validation. See how Yara works in this video.

Some context about the task:

  1. An output file is handed over to Yara with all EORI-numbers to validate.
  2. Yara opens EU website for EORI checks and enters an EORI-number.
  3. After clicking on “validate”, Yara tells if the EORI-number is indeed correct, at what time the request was made and gives company details.
  4. At the same time, Yara also makes a screenshot to prove validation.
  5. Finally, Yara integrates valid and invalid EORI-numbers to separate csv. files.