My user experience of the Yarado community workshop

Yarado Community Workshop

Recently I participated in a community workshop provided by Yarado. This workshop gives potential new Yarado users an insight on what can be accomplished with the Yarado Client.

The workshop is built in a way that new users with or without any background in IT or something for that matter, can easily make a self-made ‘task’ by the end of the workshop. There is no need for any knowledge before hand based of RPA. The Yarado Client lets you make tasks and the software is quite easy to understand.

We began with a small introduction to Yarado and a small introduction of our host for today: Menno. After the introduction of all the participants, Menno told us the context of the task we will be making and why this task was built in the first place.

It was a small task for a validation of VAT numbers. This validation process was provided with a API, but this API wasn’t good enough, so Yarado stepped in. It’s a small task overall, a user would spend maybe 5 minutes to validate the VAT number, but when done 1000 times repeatably, it would be a waste of time.

That’s where Yarado steps in, it’s a user’s task, which would take no more than a couple minutes, but Yarado is able to do it a billion times and will do it more precise than a user after lets say a hundred validations.

Menno taught us the basics of the Yarado Client, how to start recording, how to use variables and more beginner stuff that is fast to learn for new users of Yarado. I did like the overall vibe of the way Menno approached this part, Menno was calm and did a great job teaching us these basics.

After some more information about using Yarado, we were able to make our first Yarado task, yeey! Which involved, opening a browser, fill in some VAT numbers in the input fields and validate if the VAT number was correct. After every validation, we selected the whole browser page and copied it into a variable. We cleaned up the text we just copied and generated an ouput.txt file, where the first validation was written into by Yarado. We even looped the task so we could run it as many times as we want to.

My overall experience was good, Menno did a great job explaining everything, was very calm and open for questions. There also was a backup Yarado member for a 1 on 1 explaining when necessary, which means, when someone needed a little more help, the whole group did not have to wait and could move on. In the end, most of us had made an fully working task and the ones who needed a little more time were able to send their task for validation after the workshop.


Nice feedback Bas! thank you, much appreciated