Release notes - Version

259 Case CSV, File in Use. 2nd message after that all vars are cleared
260 Add comment via Properties, than add Comment via Context will clear comment
272 Open Report in Default Browser, instead of Always IE
273 Auto create vars also creates system vars, require filter as %taskpath%
274 Monotype Font, not set on Functions, AIF, CaseCSV
275 Change Settings from EWS to SMTP, reuses field not cleared or cached
277 Api Configurator - Taborders for forms not sequential
280 Replace Characters in list %taskpath% does not work
281 Auto Create Vars within Powershell step
282 All Yarado Test Functions in Utils folder not working
283 Last Screen shows template instead of screen
284 Goto subtask with error results in yarado shutdown
286 Case CSV, generate error when file is in use
292 Import Function exta insert step on Import
293 UI Automation Engine Wrong Result in Edge , needs follow up on Lastknown + Container objects in next sprint

256 Auto Complete variables
257 Rename variables
258 on Goto Subtask, reload last dataset
285 Set Default Auto Update location for all Yarado Clients
294 Change lastknown+ on match score
299 Functions, noOutput,noInput,NoClip,EnableTestButton
300 Functions, var1list creates selection list

289 Exit Yarado Client ALT+F4 instead of ALT+X
290 Remove StepSequense to Steploop
291 Test sequence to Test Sequence