Release Notes - Version

Since the previous production version, we have worked hard to increase the usability of the platform. Without overwhelming you with all technical details that are improved, these are the most important features and fixes:

  • Where we first displayed %variable% to indicate a variable, we now encapsulate each variable with its own badge. This makes it a lot easier to detect a variable within a string of text.

  • Also related to the variables, it is now much more user friendly to select a variable with the new variable dropdown. This dropdown appears when you types the percent sign (%). In the dropdown list, you can see all the variables that are available and even see the current value of the variable. Simply add the variable you need by clicking the row.

  • Within the variable dropdown, it is also possible to add a new variable. Simply type the name of variable in the search bar of the dropdown and click the create variable button.
  • We integrated an undo/ redo functionality that helps you to go back (or forward) in your changes. So, did you delete a step by accident? Simply click the undo button in the task bar to retrieve the step :wink:
  • What’s more? The application makes sure it saves a shadow copy of your current task. Does your machine happen to crash? Once you open the task again in Yarado we will ask if we have to load the unsaved changes.
  • There are also some great performance improvements in this release. When you are working with a large task with many steps, the task will be saved and loaded much quicker and scrolling and zooming is smoother than ever.

Kudos, questions or suggestions? Let us know by replying to this post, reaching out to one of our team members or email us at