Release Notes - Version 3.18

Release Notes

  • It is now possible to define the attachment’s name when saving an attachment using the ‘save email attachment’ function.

  • We removed the timestamp and .from file when downloading attachments using the ‘save email attachment’ function to make sure the attachment’s name is similar to how it is received in the email.

  • Some users experienced it was not clear why the ‘insert’ option was disabled in the context menu when there was already a placeholder step added to the canvas. We have made this clearer by showing a message that helps you navigate to the existing placeholder, so you can easily remove the placeholder or add a function to that position.

  • Sometimes it wasn’t possible to stop the executing of a task by pressing the caps lock key. We have investigated this issue and released a fix.

  • We noticed the loop protection that can be set on an “if not” action was prioritised over a “step not found” error message. We modified that to make sure the right error message is presented in the log file and canvas.

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