Save extra time with a good process intake

A clear process is a big reduction in development time! How do you go about this? What I often say to our ccustomers is can you show me how you would explain this task to an intern, someone who is completely unfamiliar with this process. Really from a user’s point of view, clicking around in your application(s).

This gives you the best idea of ​​what Yara(do) should do when the task is to be automated. During this explanation you analyze what may be difficult for Yara to follow, because someone clicks on something and you do not understand why, this means that the process can be delineated to start with.

The points for attention that we often see in processes:

  1. How is the login process arranged (if applicable)
  2. Dropd-down menus in applications, are this lists that are static or are these dynamic lists?
  3. See if you can get the process uniform for multiple records (eg. I do the same steps for each journal).

My credo, the time you invest in this phase can be more than earned back in the rest of the process. Happy Automation!