Scheduling task daily within specific timeframe weekdays

Witin the orchastrator it is possible to schedule task every day or every hour for example

if you want to exclude certain times / days, it is a possibility to solve this within the task, you can use the functions, to exclude certain days of the week:

  • Get Date (Date of today)
  • Date get Datename (will e.g. return wednesday)
  • Advanced If
    then use an advanced if to bypass the rest of the task, if you want to exclude for example sunday. In the schedule you use schedule daily

If you for example want to exclude hours 18:00 till 06:00, use the following steps:

  • Get the current time with system variable %syshour% (see image)
  • Use function greater than to check if %syshour% > 18 (return value is True/False)
  • Use function less than to check if %syshour% < 6 (return value is True/False)
  • Use advanced if to decide if to bypass the rest of the task or to run