Starting one off robot task in orchestrator mode

When a robot is in orchestrator mode, it starts its task by a scheduler were repetitive tasks are scheduled. Once you want to do some support on the robot or task, you put your yarado robot in [Usermode].
image .
If you then manually start a task that may take some time to run, you have to wait till the task is finished and put back the robot in orchestrator mode. If you tasks is running for a long time, this can be anoying or you forget to put the robot back in orchestrator mode again, other schedules will then not be started. To avoid this frustration or to leave the robot at rest, I now also start my one off tasks with the scheduler, so that I don’t have to wait for the task to be finished.

You can do this by checking the option in de schedule tab and Recurrance . Don’t forget to select the right node, and off you go.