Task failed? Send yourself a screenshot!

Are you curious what happened when a task didn’t ran as you wanted it to, or you didn’t get the email confirmation of a task when it finished?
Try using the combination ‘IF-not’ with the function ‘Screenshot’ and the function ‘Email’

Imagine you made a task with a couple of subtasks. Somewhere in of the subtask a unexpected pop-up screen blocked a icon Yarado was supposed recognize.
This pop-up made the subtask fail and you are curious what happened.

Step 1:
Right click on the subtask → go to Conditions and select IF-Not
This will create a new path Yarado will follow when the subtask fails.

Step 2:
Now you can select the function ‘Screenshot’ and select what filetype you want your screenshot to be. (BMP or PNG)
For Output File you choose the destination you want the screenshot to be placed and press OK!


Step 3:
Send yourself a email with the screenshot attached and you are done!


A quick and easy way to know what happened when a task failed and why your task didn’t succeed!