The Benefit of Uniformity - Crack you businesscase

One of the great neglected advantages of Yarado is uniformity. Because you can automate a task with Yarado that you normally do by hand, you also remove the human element from the task in all places. Take, for example, a process that several people work on where in a task a file must be saved somewhere. If you try to get uniform filenames in such a process, this will simply not work because employees all do it “almost” the same (so not completely).

With Yarado you determine in advance how you would like this to be done, for example, date format, customer name, employee name and description (e.g. 20210210 Company Chantal Taxes.pdf). These are all variable values that you can configure within your task. You then also take this uniformity within your subsequent steps, for example if every step an email is sent, you can also put these variables in the subject line, for example.

The amount of time you will save en the professionallity that occurs within this business process is huge, error reduction, searchability and reporting functionality will add intangible value. Benefits are huge.

For details on creating such tasks, check functions [#Mailstep] [#Variables]