Unattended tasks: Using subtasks with loopfiles

If you have multiple different actions that need to be processed for a list of unique items, subtasks with loop files are the ideal solution. Especially when you have to run the task unattended. With the subtask you can call the list of items, so that you can use them within each subtask in a loop proces.

The big advantage if you use this setup is that if you have to restart a subtask, you know exactly what operation you are doing. With an if-not on your subtask you can then process a action to restore a preferred state and go back to the start of the subtask being processed at that moment. You then check where you left off within the subtask by a processed item list. With this you create real handsoff tasks that can be restarted automatically. You can adress the loop file within the “configure Subtaks”, see figure

For every subtask you use the same loopfile with the unique items and order the relevant action for each subtask. Your maintask wil look something like this:

Don’t forget to build in loop protect on your if not, to protect from endless looping.

Extra functionality:
If an error occurs within a subtasks, you can adress some steps in the if-not proces, you could think about thinks like [Make printscreen from active window] (for troubleshooting); [Mail printscreen]; [restart application] to recover start status. You can also create a subtask for that.