Using Yarado within broader automation context

In the world of RPA, there are generally two execution modes distinguished: attended (triggered by humans) and unattended bots (rule-based, triggered by other apps or prespecified time schedule).

However, these two popular modes direct attention away from another possible third one: to let different automation technologies, such as API’s, perform a certain action that complements (a larger) RPA (task). Why? The decision to automate with RPA is not only a question about either humans doing the job or “robots” - but can be a mix of technologies, representing a chain of different tools that trigger Yarado’s actions.

Three simple scenarios:

  • Third-party tooling - Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Use Zapier’s rich API environment to extract hyperlink from 2FA emails, after which Yara uses the link to log in.
  • Niche software - File conversion: Use an online file converter in order to change document type and let Yara retrieve it afterwards.
  • Built-in features - Excel Macro: Use Macro feature to modify/format data in Excel for Yara to work with afterwards.

Other tools can greatly benefit Yarado, really emphasizing the power of Yara. Broadening your automation horizon allows you to implement at speed and look for more effective and reliable ways of automating tasks.